• Salt, type Poolsel 25 kilo

Salt, type Poolsel 25 kilos.

Safer use of a pool and increased swimming comfort by using Poolsel®. Poolsel® is produced on the basis of natural coarse sea salt with high purity and low sulphate content and contains no toxic additives. Poolsel® is suitable for optimizing the salinity and disinfection of the water by electrolysis, allowing you to minimize the use of chlorine. For membrane electrolysis, we recommend Soft-Sel Plus.


  • Salt for swimming pools with electrolysis disinfection (not for membrane electrolysis). Optimization of the salt content.


  • Salt crystals - grain size: 1-2 mm
  • Very high purity, good solubility
  • 25 kg in a bag

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Starting up swimming pool with salt electrolysis.
In itself, this is very easy and if you complete the correct sequence then you are guaranteed clear water.
With salt electrolysis one adds on average 3 grams of salt per liter of water. However, with the more modern series of electrolysis devices such as the Hydrolysis Aquascenic, only 1 gram of salt per liter is needed.

We assume that the pool has been cleaned and is filled with clean water. First we are going to level the pH, it should be between 7.2 and 7.6.
Is the pH too low then you add per 10m³; water about 100 gram pH +.
If the pH is too high, add about 100 grams of pH - per 10 m³ of water.
After adding the pH correction let the filter run for about 4 hours and then check the water again.
Measure the water with a good water tester again and stabilize it with pH+ or pH- if desired.

Next, we are going to adjust the chlorine level. If you use organic chlorine then this can be done with 55/G for example.
If the chlorine content is below 0.6 ppm then chlorine should be added by means of a chlorine shock.
In case of super chlorination or presence of algae: 50-80 g per 10m³; water.
In case of continuous disinfection: every 1 to 2 days 20-30 g per 10m³; water.

Maintain the chlorine level between 2 and 5 ppm.

Let the filter run for 4 hours and wait [b]at least [/b] 4 hours before swimming.
If the chlorine level is higher than 1.5 ppm do not add chlorine and wait until the chlorine level has dropped to around 1 ppm.

When using salt electrolysis, add 1 can of ICA from Melpool at the beginning of the season. This stabilizes the pool water.
Please read in the manual of your electrolysis device the start-up procedure, it differs from device to device.

Salt, type Poolsel 25 kilo

Salt, type Poolsel 25 kilo

Salt, type Poolsel 25 kilo

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