Building a swimming pool .. The pictures below give you an impression of how easy it is to build a swimming pool.

Fase 1:
After the concrete slab has been poured and the side walls have been bricked, we put the carpet underneath on the concrete slab. Let them connect seamlessly.
We then lay out the small blue profile and place the steel wall in it and seal it with the aluminum profile. Left in the steel wall you see a square hole where the skimmer is attached.
This should normally be exactly in the middle of the curve. At the request of the customer, this has been put aside on the side

Fase 2:
The side walls are attached to the retaining walls with 3 brackets supplied. Finish with the supplied pieces of foil. The pre-punched holes are injected with zinc spray.

Fase 3:
The floor carpet is smoothed and cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

Fase 4:
The liner is placed. There is a welded seam in the liner, which has to run tight in the middle. Arrows are placed on the bottom where the curves begin.
These help to get the liner in a good position. If the liner is hanging, the top profile can be mounted.
By maintaining the position of the arrows you know where to start with the round profiles.

Fase 5:
Send everyone out of the bath. Fill the bath with about 5 cm of warm water and carefully rub the creases on the bottom with the hands.

Insulation tip: As you can see, polystyrene plates are placed on the sides for isolation.

Fase 6:
Test the pool to see if you have ordered the right size, it can always be bigger.

Fase 7:
Fill the pool with clean tap water. The built-in parts can be fitted only when all the walls are taut Very important: The bath will set itself in the correct curve during filling.
Therefore, wait with earth supplement until the bath is filled. Never use a vibrating plate to vibrate the sand. Manual watering.

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