Building a project

Technojet, based in Loosdrecht and Lattrop, specializes in the sale and maintenance of garden irrigation systems, swimming pools, whirlpools and automation.

We also take care of your swimming pool / whirlpool / hot tub maintenance and supply all swimming pool equipment such as chlorine and cleaning devices.

We also maintain the installation of, among other things, garden irrigation, greenhouse construction, horse boxes, rainwater drainage, drainage and arable farming.
With our knowledge of more than 30 years (since 1984) we make every project a success.
Our activities are mainly located in the Gooi region, Flevoland and Overijssel.
We offer you complete watering systems that are made-to-measure and that are applicable both indoors and outdoors.

If desired, a choice can be made for manual irrigation, computer controlled or controlled via smartphone.
The knowledge for this is on the shelf.

Favorable maintenance contract!

We also offer an interesting flexible maintenance contract to keep your swimming pool / garden irrigation functioning optimally throughout the summer and to protect against frost damage during the winter.
Price on an annual basis from € 90.00! (depending on location and project).

In the spring we visit you to connect the installation, fully test the system and if present the spray computer in the sets at the desired spraying times.
If you want to change the spray computer in the course of the season, or if a sprayer has to be adjusted differently, we will take care of this one-time free of charge.
In the winter we blow the entire system empty by means of a compressor so that you do not suffer any damage during frost.

Construction of a garden irrigation:

Technojet works with advanced machines and skilled people so that after installation there is almost nothing to see, even in the grass!
Whether you have a large or small garden, there is a custom sprinkler for every garden. Depending on the size of the garden, it is determined whether there is irrigation with tap water or by means of a source.
Most nozzles are concealed invisibly so that no disturbing nozzles are visible in the garden.
Because of the water pressure they will come out of the ground and will disappear again after the spraying.
It is often thought that when a sprinkler is installed the entire garden will be turned over. Well, this is certainly not the case.

If you have plans for the construction of a garden irrigation, we always visit our work area without obligation for a short introduction and an impression of the garden.
In response to this, we will provide you with a quote without any obligation with a specific advice regarding use and maintenance. We naturally take into account your own taste and ideas.

Create it yourself

If you would like to build a sprinkler yourself, we can guide you in this.
Once you have made a drawing of the garden, you can come to us or send it for advice on how to install it and what materials are needed.
We can then calculate a price for the total costs and provide technical support for the installation.

Call: 06-53484096