Whirlpool inbouwkit met 6 microjets

Whirlpool inbouwkit met 6 microjets

6-part Whirlpool installation kit. 

Kit consisting of:

Pump with pneumatic on / off switch:

  • 6 x Microjets
  • Suction grille
  • Air regulator
  • 3 T-pieces 32 - 20 mm
  • 4 end caps 20 mm
  • 2 mtr. Gluable hose 50 mm
  • 4 mtr. 32 mm gluable hose
  • 6 mtr. Gluable hose 20 mm
  • Glue

All components are also available separately. Technical knowledge during installation is required.

The pump is connected via the suction line with a 50 mm gluable hose. Pump is equipped with a pneumatic switch and this is connected to the push button which must also be mounted above the water level.
Drill the 6 holes with a diameter of 23 mm. Use the supplied ring for sealing on both sides of the Jet. Then hand-tighten the Jethead in the Jetbody.
You install the water intake somewhere at the bottom of the bath. Drilling hole is 60 mm.

2x 32 mm gluable hose comes out of the pump and serves as a supply line (Blue) to supply the jets with water.
This is split with 3 gradient T-pieces from 32 to 20 mm to which the jets are connected. On the jets you will find the blue letter W.
Glue the 3 end caps (stopper) 20 mm into the jets according to the diagram below.

The spray points and pipes must be installed in such a way that no water remains in the pipes when the bath is drained.

Connect the air supply (yellow) in series to the jets according to the diagram and route it to the air controller which must be mounted above the water level.
Glue the end cap 20 mm at the end of the yellow line.

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